The Moscow State Circus returns to the UK

Wednesday 28th June 2017


The Moscow State Circus, the world’s most famous circus will bring it’s latest & greatest production to the UK - a show that promises to have all the spectacle and nerve-tingling, edge of your seat thrills for the whole family returns with its latest incarnation Gostinitsa.

The Circus has been planning this event for the last 2 years and the artistes have been in training ready for this world-beating performance, which promises to be breath taking.

Featuring award winning Clowns, Chervotkins Duo who will guide the audience through this incredible show which features acts like the Didyk Troupe, acrobatics on Europe’s only DOUBLE Russian swings. Flying through the air and somersaulting from one fast moving swing to another, incredible!

The Alikhanov Troupe perform on two ten meter pole’s balanced on one shoulder of a man with not 1 but 3 girls climbing and spinning to the very top of the same pole. And then 5 people walking the high wire simultaneously.....

Plus Unicyclists the Gorodetskiys Duo, Eugeniy Hochrova Foot Juggling & the sensational trapeze artistes the Peruskins Duo & Anna Rastsova. A sensational show worthy of its claim to be the worlds most famous circus.

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Report on ACP Spring Meeting 2017

Wednesday 17th May 2017


The ACP’s newest initiative is to investigate changes in Commercial Vehicle laws and rules of operation so that the country’s leading circus owners can continue to lead by example in their transportation practices.  At a recent ACP meeting, a specialist commercial transport adviser was able to tell members about organisational changes at the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency), the successor to VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency), to explain current procedures and classifications to members, and to answer their queries.

Explaining that the Agency’s policies have recently been altered towards a tightened penalty regime, the specialist detailed a change of enforcement emphasis away from action ‘showcasing’ large group haulage operators, and advised that action for possible infringement would now be more likely to focus on individual owners and operators of vehicles as well as their drivers.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition now allows Police and DVSA inspectors to access full vehicle information ‘on the spot’, revealing insurance and Test status without the need to produce paperwork later.  Members were surprised to know that sensors in the road surface can also give inspectors instant information on the weight of vehicles passing over them.

Confirming that even a large towing van and living caravan could easily break overall train-weight limits, the specialist advised that artistes driving such loads are required to hold an appropriate HGV licence.

He reminded members that the Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) may not apply to circus operators, who benefit from the so-called 'tools of the trade' exemption. He also highlighted that, even though a specialist vehicle may conform with Construction and Use regulations, rules governing vehicle Testing have their own separate set of requirements to which due consideration must be given.

Among other business, proprietors were given an update on the Association’s work with the Circus250 organisation which is coordinating events centred around the 2018 anniversary celebration of Philip Astley as the Father of the Modern Circus. As representatives of the ‘home country’ where modern Circus began in 1768, ACP member circuses will lead the national and international programme of events which will take place throughout next year.


Doktor Haze to Stand for MP

Wednesday 17th May 2017


Doktor Haze the creator & ringmaster of The Circus of Horrors is to stand as an alternative as opposed to independent candidate for the Brighton Constituency of Kemptown.

Luckily the General Election coincided with the appearance in the City of The COH so there will be plenty of time for electioneering in the City. He will be campaigning generally on national issues such as the effect on Brexit on his companies but will also be a 'celebration of quirkiness' and his manifesto will mix the quirky with the more serious issues that effect us all.

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Cossack Riders return to the UK with Zippos Circus

Thursday 4th May 2017


Zippos Circus' 2017 production 'Jigit!' has brought the thundering hooves of acrobatic Cossack riding into the UK circus ring for the first time in 30 years with the appearance of the Khadikov Jigit Riders from Kazakhstan.

Their astonishing and fearless ‘jigitovka’ trick riding showcases beautifully the extraordinary relationship between man and horse and is a must see for all circus and equestrian fans. Back by popular demand are Zippos’ 21st Century ‘Jigits’ - on motorbikes not horses - the Brazilian daredevils in the Globe of Death – the legendary Lucius Troupe. With their astonishing, break-neck speed loop-the-loop motorbike performance they are keeping the spirit of Jigitovka alive and well.

Plus hilarity from Alex the Fireman and new laugh-out-loud comic Emilion, juggler extraordinaire the record-breaking Nicolas Souren, the amazing Miss Kimberley on the swinging trapeze, real knife throwing and other marvellous and amazing acrobats and artists – all presented by the one and only Norman Barrett, MBE, the world’s greatest Ringmaster and his mischievous Budgerigar pals.

Zippos Circus' 2017 tour started on Blackheath, south-east London at Easter, and continues at venues across England and Scotland until the Autumn.

Circus Wonderland celebrates World Circus Day

Wednesday 3rd May 2017


To mark the eighth annual World Circus Day in April, Circus Wonderland hosted a special gala performance on Midsummer Common in Cambridge.

With circuses around the world all holding special events to promote awareness of circus arts, Circus Wonderland opened it’s Big Top to a range of Cambridge based charities, including Romsey Mill, the Kite Trust, Lifecraft, Centre 33, Trumpington Neighbourhood Team, and the Church of the United Nations.

The evening was co-hosted by the Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor Jeremy Benstead, who not only joined the performers in the ring, but was also on hand to make candy floss for the audience as they arrived.

Circus Wonderland director Paul Carpenter was delighted that the event was such a success. “We are always made to feel very welcome in Cambridge and have built up a good following in the city,” he explained. “ We have been delighted to be able liaise with the Council to invite such worthy local groups to this special performance, many of whom had never seen a circus show before, and celebrate World Circus Day at the same time.”

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Giffords Circus 2017 Tour - Any Port in a Storm

Saturday 3rd December 2016


The 2017 Baroque inspired Giffords Circus show sees acts rolling in including a Cuban troupe, a Hungarian Csikos and a Ukrainian hand balancer. With live musicians providing the music, household favourite Tweedy returns to meddle. 
Any Port in a Storm will be travelling through the Cotswolds and into London from Friday 12th May until Sunday 24th September. Giffords Circus is adding a new ground to the tour - Stonor Park in Henley on Thames. Another classic English setting to compliment the traditional vintage circus.
A roaring tempest of a show.
Tickets available from the box office 0845 459 7469 and through the website

Laci Endresz makes an impassioned speech at the European Parliament

Wednesday 19 October 2016


ACP member Laci Endresz gave an impassioned speech in the Brussels European Parliament about the values of the circus sector. Laci was keen to point out that definitions such as “new circus”. “contemporary circus”, “classic circus”, and “traditional circus” are divisive terms. At European level we should be looking at “Circus” as a whole and not subdivisions. “All forms of Circus are essentially the same thing” said Laci. ACP chairman Martin Burton also attended the meeting and in a short speech pointed out that in his opinion there was no industry where you see less racism, sexism, and favouritism. Martin said “In the circus we are judged by what we do in the ring not by our race, religion or creed”. The meeting was hosted by Hungarian MEP Istvan Ujhelyi and attended by the British MEP Julie Ward - who proved to be very supportive of all forms of circus. It was agreed that, both through the European Parliament and UNESCO, steps would be taken to ensure that circus as both an industry and entertainment would be classified as CULTURAL, a classification which apparently circus does not yet officially enjoy.

ACP Condemns Killer Clown Craze

Saturday 15 October 2016


Clowns have always been an important part of circus shows and ACP member circuses engage only the very best, highly trained clowns whose aim is to be entertaining and funny, but never frightening. Scary clowns have no part in the circus and the ACP condemns those amateurs who dress up as clowns with the sole aim of scaring people. The exemption would be The Circus of Horrors who despite having Scary Clowns perform in a professional manner and are as funny as they are scary and only perform in the confines of the venue they are appearing.

The Lord Mayor Welcomes Circus Wonderland Home

Saturday 16 July 2016


The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, Councillor David Fuller, was a special guest at Circus Wonderland recently, at a fundraising performance that marked the first time that the circus has appeared in their home city.
The show has been touring the UK for the last five years, and circus director Grace Arnett was delighted to finally bring the show to Portsmouth where her family have been prolific business operators for five generations.
From shell fish kiosks on Southsea Pier, to boxing clubs, nightclubs, casinos and the highly successful Crown Bingo chain, the Arnett name has become synonymous in Portsmouth with quality entertainment and leisure.
Circus Wonderland took to the road in 2012, presented by Grace Arnett and her close friends from the circus world, Kriss Freear and Paul Carpenter, who perform as clown double act Kakehole and Popol. Grace also appears in the show, and her accomplishments include hula hooping, foot juggling and fire manipulation.
The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress attended a special performance of the circus at King George V Playing Fields where money was raised for the Lord Mayor’s charities, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, the NHS Trust for Oncology and Haematology, and Help 4 Special Children.  This also turned into a family reunion when it transpired that the Lord Mayor is related to the Arnett family on his father’s side. The Arnetts have been invited to the Lord Mayor’s parlour for high tea when the circus returns home in the winter. Unfortunately the clowns Kakehole and Popol have also been invited so anything could happen!

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In 2008 and 2011 the Association of Circus Proprietors of Great Britain were invited to a parliamentary assembly held within The House of Commons.

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